Lietuvos akvakultūros plėtra

Skatiname Lietuvos akvakultūros gamintojų bendradarbiavimą, koordinuojame jų veiklą,
giname asociacijos narių - Lietuvos akvakultūros įmonių interesus valstybės institucijose

Jungiame beveik visas Lietuvos akvakultūros įmones

valdančias iki 10 tūkst. ha žuvininkystės tvenkinių, kuriuose išauginama apie 4 000 tonų
gyvų prekinių žuvų ir apie 1 600 tonų žuvų jauniklių

Skatiname Lietuvos akvakultūros gamintojų bendradarbiavimą

koordinuojame jų veiklą plėtojant akvakultūrą, giname asociacijos narių – Lietuvos akvakultūros
įmonių – interesus valstybinėse ir kitose institucijose

Skatiname akvakultūros įmones

naujų technologijų ir technikos diegimą žuvų veisimo ir auginimo srityse

Organizuojame asociacijos narių išvykas

į tarptautines konferencijas, parodas bei seminarus

About us

National Association of Aquaculture and Fish Product Producers (hereinafter – Association) was established on 4 April 2002, and on 30 June 2004, was recognized as the organization of the producers of aquaculture products. Association is headed by the Director Rolandas Morkūnas.
Supreme governing body of the Association is the General Meeting of Members. During the period between the General Meetings of Members, the activities of the Association are managed by the collegial governing body – the Council. It consists of 5 members elected for a two-year term by the General Meeting of Members.

Chairman of the Council shall be elected by the Council out of the members of the Council. Algimantas Gylys, director of UAB Šalčininkų žuvininkystės ūkis, was elected as the Chairman of the Council of the Association for a two-year term.

Association unites 17 members of the Association that mainly raise fish in ponds and 2 of the members – in closed aquaculture systems.

Members of the Association manage about 9 640 ha of fishery ponds, various real buildings and a large number of machinery, mechanisms and equipment for the needs of aquaculture business. Using all of this, up to 5.5 thousand tons of commercial fish can be produced and about 1 600 tons of valuable juvenile fish maybe be raised per year. It accounts for about 98% of the total amount of fish produced in Lithuania.

To the fishery ponds of the members of the Association – aquaculture enterprises – water comes from streams, near to which there are no sources of pollution. Five years ago, at the initiative of the Association, ecological fishery has been started to be developed in aquaculture enterprises. At present, more than 40% are certified for the development of the ecological fishery, this amounts to 3,800 ha of the total area of ponds.

Members of the Association supply the Lithuanian market with high-quality products – live organic fish – throughout the year. Members of the Association produce more than 1 000 tons of organic fish per year.