1. Capable natural and legal persons of the European Union Member States that have reached the age of 18 years, who are legally engaged in fishery activities by raising, producing or otherwise obtaining aquaculture products and who meet other requirements established by the Articles of Association may become the members of the Association.

2. Natural persons/legal entities wishing to become members of the Association shall submit in writing to the Council:
• a signed reasoned application, in the case of a legal entity – signed by the person entitled to sign in accordance with the Articles of Association of the applying legal entity;
• legal entities shall additionally provide a copy of the legal entity registration certificate.

3. Application for admission into members, shall be processed at the next meeting of the Council of the Association. New members of the Association are admitted by a decision of the Council by a simple majority.

4. Procedure and amount of the entrance contributions and membership fees are determined by the General Meeting of Members of the Association. Established entrance fee of the member – EUR 500.

5. When the Council decides to admit persons to the Association, the entrance fee of the member shall be paid. Upon payment of the entrance fee of the member, the new member shall be added into the list of the members of the Association and shall get familiarized with documents regulating the activities of the Association and undertake to comply with them.

6. Member of the Association may withdraw from the Association by submitting a written application to the Council at least 1 month prior to the withdrawal, if he/she wishes to withdraw from it, and to pay the established fee of the member of the Association or other taxes.

7. Member of the Association may be removed from the Association by a decision of the Council if:
• does not pay the membership fee;
• for activities that violate the Articles of Association or that are incompatible with the activities of the Association.    

8. Membership in the Association ends:
• When the member of the Association – a natural person – dies;
• After the acceptance of the application of the member of the Association on the withdrawal from the Association by the decision of the Council;
• After the removal of a member from the Association for non-compliance with the duties of a member or other violations of the Article of Association or the procedure established by the decisions of bodies;
• After insolvency proceedings are instituted against the member of the Association;
• After the expiration of the Association according to procedures established by the law or after its liquidation.

9. Entrance contributions and membership fees or funds and assets otherwise transferred to the ownership of the Association are not refundable.